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SOHO W5 creates a graphic tapestry of indirect light on the wall when it shines from the sharply designed circular lamp.
The lamps in the SOHO range look great alone, but they can also be grouped together with other sizes and colours. With SOHO, Ronni Gol has created a range of lamps of different depths, which can be arranged in groups like building blocks, to create a unique light sculpture in a layout of your choosing, large or small.

SOHO comes in five sizes (W1, W2, W3 W4 and W5) and is available in the colours gold, white and black. The lamps are made of aluminium and can be installed both indoors and out (except the gold model, which is for indoor use only).
  • Price for 1 Stk, 555,00EUR (ex. VAT)
  • Environment Photos
  • Dimensions
  • Designer
  • Material
  • Voltage
  • Degree
  • Light source
  • 5 Year Warranty
Built in LED light source. Dimmable.
Product number: 256385
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