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MIRAGE 1 10W IP54 2700/3000K, B

MIRAGE 1 10W IP54 2700/3000K, B

MIRAGE is a downlight, designed in a form intermediate between a square and a circle, otherwise known as “squircle”. The design combines clean lines, with technical precision. Viewed from any angle the spot takes a new visual expression.

MIRAGE is designed to be installed with ease. The inbuilt part of the lamp is circular in shape, which means an ordinary round cutter can be used to drill into the ceiling. The LED has been recessed so it sits in the same line as the ceiling when installed, thus providing a glare free light.

Available in two sizes: 1 & 1+
  • Environment Photos
  • Dimensions
  • Designer
  • Material
  • Voltage
  • Degree
  • Light source
  • 7 Year Warranty
Product number: 271021
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