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LIGHT-POINT | Design by Studio F. A. Porsche

LIGHT-POINT is now member of an exclusive group of companies to partner with the internationally recognised premium design consultancy, Studio F. A. Porsche.

Studio F. A. Porsche has designed a series of exclusive lamps, whichs blend in well in LIGHT-POINT’s existing portfolio of innovative lighting.

We will reveal much more in the coming months, so stay tuned for more information about the first two collections INLAY and BLADE.

The collections: INLAY

INLAY is a design based on one core principle – a straight line – which is its very essence. INLAY is a masterstroke in precision, its design language defined by the interplay between its materials – the result of many hours spent refining it down to every detail. It is a stylish design with a clean, architectural form free of superfluous elements. Its linear form casts an even light along the entire length of the lamp, which incorporates a touch/touchless sensor to switch it on or off, and dim the light.

The INLAY collection comprises floor, table, wall and pendant lights.

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Collection: BLADE

Comprising two cylinders connected by a moveable, linear core, its integrated yet hidden functionalities play an important role. Every element has been stripped down to its essential function and is there for a reason.

When you tilt the arm and rotate the shade, BLADE casts a beautiful light, regardless of where it’s positioned. It’s a timeless collection that celebrates the high quality of its material, emphasised by its slender, elegant silhouette. With its pure design and sleek form, it’s sure to add style to any room.

The collection encompasses table, floor, pendant and wall lights. All lamps come with LEDs as well as an optical glass providing a wide, glare-free light, and are ideally suited for both the residential and hospitality sectors.

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About Studio. F. A. Porsche

Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche always sought the unusual – successfully so. He developed the Porsche 911 design, which fast became the epitome of the exceptional sports car and, like many other items designed by him, a design classic.

In 1972, he left the family business to set up his own world-renowned design studio, now called Studio F. A. Porsche. From then on, he applied his design principles beyond automotive design. The aesthetic calibre of his unmistakeable lines is evident from his very first work for his company. It remains the studio’s guiding design philosophy, which can be summed up as “Always get the most out of everything, optimise function and reduce every design to its essentials”.

Studio F. A. Porsche is part of the Porsche Group, and its HQ is located in Zell am See, Austria.

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