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Design  /  Nital Patel
Award  /  Reddot Winner 2020

VANTAGE is a state-of-the-art LED spot lamp that works optically, spreading light further, wider and softer. Replacing traditional reflectors with an optic glass provides glare free light, eliminating annoyance to the eyes.

The conical shape adds an aesthetic dimension to any ceiling or wall. The spot can be pivoted at 90 degrees to the mounting point and rotated almost 360 degrees, providing maximum light versatility to a typical fixed spot lamp.

The collection is made up of two sizes and three colours; two models in a structured powder coated black and white models and in a brushed anodised rose gold. Each lamp is made from CNC machined high quality Aluminium which has been the best choice of material for absorbing heat created by the LED.

"The Vantage spotlights impress with their high lighting comfort and blend in discreetly with different interiors."
Reddot Award Jury


Design  /  Ronni Gol
Award  /  Reddot Winner 2020

SOHO is a wall-mounted LED lighting system, based on recessed round tiles that can be placed creatively on the wall in every imaginable pattern. The collection is a perfect mood setter, allowing you to freely create visual presence in the design of a room.

Originally designed in 2015, the newest collection in brushed anodised rose gold finish are the newest relaunch of decorative lamp collection. SOHO is ideal for multipurpose rooms in residential homes as well as in shops, studios, showrooms, offices and hotel lobbies.

SOHO consists of 5 different sizes, each recessed slightly further away from the wall, allowing for overlapping patterns. Based on individual design, SOHO enables for unlimited number of tiles in one set-up.

The collection is available in a range of colours to choose from. The pallet includes black, white and gold in a structured powder coated finish and a newly released rose gold in brushed finish. Each lamp is made from CNC machined high quality Aluminium which has been the best choice of material for absorbing heat created by the LED’s.

"With aesthetically backlit surfaces, the Soho lighting system achieves a fascinating overall appearance and offers a high degree of flexibility."
Reddot Award Jury


Design  /  Marie Holsting
Award  /  Reddot Award 2019

The design of the LANTERN Collection is based on the contemporary interpretation of a classic lantern. Rectangular glass panels framed by black lacquered aluminium combine to form a cuboid. The indirect LED source creates an interplay of geometric areas of light and shades, lending the collection an architectural appeal. 

The wall version comes in two sizes and is also weatherproof, so is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Indoors, it can create a cosy and intimate lighting effect, both as a single light source or in combination with ceiling lamps. Several Lantern wall lamps can be lined up together on a wall to create a more decorative element.

The Lantern floor light, meanwhile, is an elegant option for outdoors. It creates a light-filled and calming space in the dark. It is available in 2 sizes and there is also a low, square version as well. The floor lights work well as decorative individual pieces or grouped together as an installation. They are also effective as secondary lighting in larger spaces such as illuminating a passageway.

"Featuring geometric lines, this timeless outdoor lamp series projects an emotionally appealing overall image." 
Reddot Award Jury


Design  /  Lars Vejen
Award  /  Reddot Award 2019

The idea behind the Facet wall lamp, was to create a simple, functional and durable design, that would become a future classic in terms of lighting.

The design is based on an asymmetric extruded aluminium profile with a square-shaped back. Two different angles are cut in to shape the profile, one at the top and one at the bottom, so the dimmable LED light source spreads through the design upwards and downwards (Available in both Up/Down and Down only models). It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor useand is available in two sizes. The design is available in either powder coated black or white versions.

The production of the Facet lamp merges industrial processes with a handcrafted finish, to achieve a streamlined product, yet one with the required attention to detail. In this way, form and function seamlessly work together to balance the overall design of the product.

"The FACET Collection convinces with its asymmetric lines of sculptural appeal. Furthermore, the light distribution helps to create characteristic room atmospheres."
Reddot Award Jury.


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