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BLADE F1 SLIM 2700/3000K, MB/SS

BLADE F1 SLIM 2700/3000K, MB/SS

BLADE F1 SLIM is an elegant floor lamp built on precision, geometry and clean lines, comprising two cylinders connected by a moveable, linear core. You can easily adjust the shade, while the linear core can tilt. The light incorporates an optical glass that spreads a soft, diffuse light. The optical lens casts a glare-free light.

BLADE F1 SLIM is operated by a touch sensor to turn the light on or off and adjust its intensity. A switch beneath the base controls the LED’s colour temperature (from 2700K to 3000K).
  • Environment Photos
  • Dimensions
  • Designer
    Studio F. A. Porsche
  • Material
  • Voltage
  • Degree
  • Light source
  • 7 Year Warranty
Product number: 900161
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